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The fashion campaign “Introspection” Andia Fora spring summer 2021 intends to celebrate the insight power that generates art in contact with a sensitive soul, as that of a creative.

Introspection represents the important journey within oneself, in search of one’s self critical consciousness.
The protagonist wrapped and enraptured by the beauty and dream- like quality of art, that evokes in her the thoughts, feelings and desires that seemed buried, begins a path of introspection that makes her it to one with the works themselves.
The fashion campaign Introspection is based on the visual re-enactment mechanism , in one of the most famous pages of world literature, Marcel Proust describes the powerful mechanism for recalling memories of a remote past triggered by smells and perfumes, in this case ,instead are the geometric shapes and references to a reality tangible artworks that trigger this re-enactment mechanism that leads to the beginning of the journey within oneself.
Introspection is set in a famous contemporary art gallery, backdrop are the works of the famous Roman artist Marco Tirelli.
The campaign is inspired by a quote from the same artist who in an interview said:
“invitation to contemplation, to observe things and look at them in depth. The idea that I said before the perspective, the looking beyond, the accepting, across, it means that looking in depth, I invite you to see all aspects of things, today we are in
a world that leads to a lot of superficiality. In our times we try to bring everything only on the surface, on the quantity, mine is instead an invitation to look inside things.”
Only introspection in fact allows you to become aware how the ideas that are at the foundation not only of the world, but also of morality, are actually already present, being innate in our soul.
The Andia Fora SS21 collection is characterized by sneakers with contemporary lines, bright and pastel colours, with an urban and cosmopolitan flavour.

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