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Nature has the powerful and overwhelming ability to remind us that we are unique, which is why for the new Overwhelming fashion campaign we have chosen a place full of uniqueness that comes from all over the world, the botanical garden of Pisa.
Andia Fora’s spring summer 2023 collection stands out with all its power in this naturalistic context in the middle of the city.
With a pinch of delicacy and a disruptive novelty, the brand’s collection is once again recognized for the great importance it gives to practicality and comfort.
Andia Fora sneakers are handcrafted in fine leather and cutting-edge materials which, together with a continuous modeling study, guarantee a comfortable fit that can be worn by anyone throughout the day.
Discover the new stylistic combinations made on the brand’s must-haves or let yourself be overwhelmed by the eccentric novelties full of colour, depth and special details.

Via W. Tobagi 4,
Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)
Tel. +39 0571-480277
Fax +39 0571-480794