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The snow has the magic of falling to the ground without making a noise when the snow slowly falls down the bustle of modern life crystallises, and the everyday problems suddenly disappear.

The Freeze fashion campaign is set in this magical snow-covered scenario to create an intimate moment of reconnection with the surrounding nature and with us.

Andia Fora’s fall winter 22-23 collection delicately emerges from the snowy, the shoes are characterized by a clean and soft silhouette with an urban and contemporary touch that identifies all the collections from this brand.

Andia Fora shoes are not only fashionable, but the brand also focuses on practicality and comfort. Andia Fora’s sneakers are crafted by the best Italian shoe artisans using high-quality and innovative leathers and fabrics to ensure the best fit.

Discover the magic of the new Freeze fashion campaign and let yourself be surrounded by the warm shearling of the new Thalia sneakers or have a look at the new Mesa boots made in soft suede. Discover all the new styles from Andia Fora, you cannot miss them this winter.

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Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)
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