24 Maggio 2024


Collecting memory is something that unites us all. Patrizia Bonfanti fall winter 2023 / 2024 collection was inspired by shapes and memory from the past, that we mixed with present influence. The typical minimalist and artisanal design of the designer Patrizia Bonfanti is the key that opens the door to an imaginary hallway created to help us explain the path that drives us to the creation of the winter-fall collection. The journey in the hallway begins with the iconic Cowboy boots, a symbol of the past. They are indeed inspired by the first design of DOVER, looking at our historical archives we designed those boots. The journey continues with the iconic Kuni No Lace recognizable style by Patrizia Bonfanti brand to end with exciting new proposals. The soft colours of the corridor wall contrast with the bright and warm orange colour typical of autumn to emphasize the shoes which are the protagonists towards which the lights reflect.

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