24 Maggio 2024

Sneakers: Stories and curiosity

They are many stories and curiosity related to the universe of sneakers.
At the dawn “sneakers” were born as sports shoes, over the years sneakers have changed their role becoming protagonists of fashion and street style .
The history of sneakers begins in the late 1800 when the American Company Rubber company created a pair of canvas and rubber shoes.
The name sneaker derives from the fact that they were so noiseless that a person could sneak up to another room without making any noise, from the verb to sneak to “slip”, “to do in secret”.
The great turning point came in 1950 when James Dean wears them in (Rebel Without a Cause) Gioventù Bruciata , since then sneakers have become a fashion object, becoming for every generation of teenagers a cult object.
The real boom of sneakers starts in 1984 when Michel Jordan signs a contract to advertise and wear the famous Nike air Jordan.

In recent years, thanks to collaborations with stylists and singers of the hip hop and rap world, we can speak of a real Sneakers Couture , the sneakers are worn not only with an casual outfit, not only "in the afternoon" but mixed with fashion and trend garments and become protagonists of the looks for every occasion.

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