24 Maggio 2024

Fashion Camping Andia Fora Spring Summer 2020: Revert

Revert the Andia Fora fashion campaign spring Summer 2020, is like a tape that rewinds, is a clear recall and return to the past.
The walkmen is on play, and the hit of the moment wild boys of Duran Duran is passing on the radio.
Revert is a melancholy tribute to the past and to the 80’s fashion trends, reinterpreted in a millennial key.
Oversized shapes, androgynous looks, oversized shoulder pads and an association to the phenomenon of the Power dressing: women in the eighties leave the role of housewife and enter the world of work, the looks are inspired by the male universe to face on equal terms the business world.
The concept of Unisex and the androgyne is the leitmotif of the Revert campaign which represents a woman who doesn’t want to focus on a cheeky sensuality, but moderate and practical.
The Andia Fora Spring Summer 2020 collection with oversized soles and eccentric details is inspired by the universe of the 80’s, looking at it in its own way and rereading it with a completely personal look, through the use of quality materials and leathers and technical vanguard.

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